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                                                                           Televison Broadcast Schedule

Time Spectrum Channel 81   Sunday 5:30 pm

Optimum  Bergen County-Passaic Oakland New Jersey Channel 76 Sunday  4:30pm

Optimum Newark New Jersey  Channel 19  Sunday 2:30pm

Optimum Morris County Channel 21  Sunday 4:30pm

Grace And Truth Came By

Jesus Christ

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Robert Corprew Ministries is a bible teaching and a spirit filled ministry that honors the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. God is a triune...Our goal  is to teach you the word so you can benefit from the plan God has already provide for You to live the good Life.The plan is in the renewing of Your mind on the word of God. Renewing of the mind is not just academic knowledge. The plan is in revelation knowledge from the word of God.


 Changing Lives Of People by Grace Through Faith

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